What is the "Carolina Cup"?
The Carolina Cup Pro Series (CCPS) is a regional automobile racing series based in the southeastern United States.
The series is designed to promote fun, hassle free racing with a professional atmosphere.
CCPS is a points-based, team series, with cash awards for top finishers in each race and a cumulative cash prize for the overall points winner at the end the season.
CCPS races are all 45 minutes in length with a mandatory 2 minute pit-stop. Many teams opt to run one driver per race, however rules allow for a driver swap allowing more drivers to participate and gain valuable seat time.
2014 CCPS 
Schedule (tentative)

Mar 29-30 dbl SCR@CMP
May 24-25 dbl CCR@CMP
June 21-22 dbl WDCR@                Summit Point
July12-13 dbl Atlanta@Road
Aug 16-17dbl CCR@CMS
NEW Championship Race on
Oct 30-Nov 2 sgl (maybe dbl)Atlanta@ Road Atlanta ARRC
Other events may be added later
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The 2014
CCPS rules
are up!
Check them out
Thanks to all for making CCPS one of the best "Pro" series in the nation!
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2013 Carolina Cup Champions

I would like to congratulate all of our new 2013 CCPS Champions!

Ess White/E-Speed Motorsports 2013 SM Champion
Mike Burke/Burke Motorsports
Leslie Pitner/drpitner.com
Nash Lawson/Broken Mirror Motorsports
Adam Siegal/Siegal Racing

John Russell/Dave Brown Motorsports 2013 SRF Champion

Vance James/James O2 Racing 2013 ITA Champion
Mark & Ray Seiler/S&M Racing   
Derek & Gary Ketchie/Grayson Racing

Gregg Ginsberg/Casa de Amigos 2013 ITB Champion

Rickey Thompson/R&R Motorsports 2013 ITR Champion

What a great job they and their teams did this year.

Please check out www.carolinacupproseries.com for all of the latest information.

A special thank you to our new host regions, Atlanta and Washington DC. Both put on a heck of a good event as did SCR and CCR. I hope to work with them all in the future.

I look forward to a great 2014 season. Our new LLC is up and good things will be accomplished with that. Please send any ideas or suggestions that you may have for the new season to us at wankelcity@aol.com . Also send us your suggestions for the CCPS annual meeting and awards.  I'm open to any suggestions to the dates and location. We will make a decision and announce it as soon as possible.

I know that there is a strong following and support for the CCPS series. Please send us any support letters for the Carolina Cup Pro Series that you may wish to pass along. We will make sure that they get forwarded to the proper places. The host regions need to know how much we enjoy and appreciate them allowing us to come play in their sandbox.

What a great season! Congratulation to all that participated!


Estus White
Manager, Carolina Cup Pro Series, LLC

Special message: Mr. Mike Burke broke 2 ribs in practice at Charlotte and still managed to race the Saturday night race before turning the steering wheel over to Steve Bertok for Sunday's activities.  I wish him a speedy recovery. He can be reached at: racermikeburke@yahoo.com

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